Sorting repeating group by a date

Trying to sort a repeating group with entries containing dates, i want dates closest to current date at the top and dates furthest in the past at the bottom. Have tried the default sort when doing a search for a repeating group but does not change anything no matter what feild i choose or descending is yes or no.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I’ not sure what the ‘default sort’ is…

But you just need to select the specific ‘date’ field that you want to sort by, and set ‘Descending’ to Yes.

note: if you have any privacy rules blocking access to that selected date field then it obviously won’t work, so if it’s not working as expected check your current privacy rules.

Thats what I meant I have no privacy rules set, it still does not sort it at all, their is no difference between no sort constraint or when sort constraint is date and descending is yes or no.

desending no sort

desending yes sort

What are you displaying in the text? Is it the date field that you are using for sorting?
Are you merging multiple lists?

It’s a but hard to make any sense out of a few random screenshots of some numbers…

What exactly are those numbers? how do they relate to whatever date field you’re sorting by?

If nothing is changing regarding the order, then the ’ date’ values must all be the same?

Is the ‘Date’ field even a ‘date’ type?