How to sound effect on element hover?

Hi, what would I need to do in order to add some sound effect on hover?

A simple question to which I’m afraid the solution will be much more complicated :rofl:

Although I haven’t done it before, you could perhaps try some of things in this thread…


There are at least a couple plugins - one of which is free - which support playing audio files. Just search the plugins for “audio”.

Unless I’m overlooking something obvious (which is quite possible), the tricky part might be triggering a workflow on hover so that the audio file can be played.


You’re right, Howler might just be what I need.

Though I still have to figure out how to make it happen on hover though.

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I use howler ALOT in my application but never on hover seems weird. Anyway, the way you do this is build an expression (on an element not workflow) whatever is hovered.
Then copy the expression
Now create a workflow, do when condition is true
then paste your expression for only when/


Holy guacamole! I had no idea an expression could be copied from a Conditional and pasted into a workflow! :+1:

That should be in the Tips forum. (Or is it there already?)

Yeah its been mentioned a few times :crazy_face:

This is cooooool! Thanks a lot!

Note: do you delete the condition you copied from afterward?

PS: in my case I want to a “card / paper” sound effect when hovering card images that move an angle when hovered.

Yeah delete after, paper sounds gotcha,
I have a nice UI sound kit you might like, no paper souds though :weary:

Use low volume wav is best for howler.

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I found that sometimes they don’t “always” work though, like some of the visible ones, but most of the time they do!

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@Taiheta it doesn’t work for elements inside a repeating group :sob:

  1. It’s not able to find the element inside repeating group. Even as I copy the expression, it will replace the element by this page.

  1. If I mimic a repeating group, then I am able to do a hover (with much more work, i.e. 1 workflow per each item) and the risk of exceeding the limit. However then the hover is only triggered once. So on hovering a second time, it doesn’t trigger :point_left: OK belay the second part, I stupidly ignored the “every time” setting.


Still, the mimic of repeating group could work for now as a workaround. But isn’t there a way to make the “on hover” available for repeating group items or even as a basic workflow trigger?

This should help you :innocent:

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