Howler.Js question

Does anyone know how to set it so that a button can make a howler.js sound play on everyone’s screen when using a bubble app (simultaneously) ? Thanks.

The two basic ingredients are:

  • create a data event, like a log of the clicked event.
  • a workflow of the type “whenever condition is true” and that data event should be the condition

Now assuming there is no complexity in conditions, the two basic ingredients above should be enough.

However, if you have more demanding conditions, (i.e. if you have a limited set of users that should hear the sound or all users, if users are logged in or not. How many times it should occur, etc.) you would then need to add more to your data event, such as the list of users you want to hear the sound or some other conditions.

In summary:
The button is pressed > create event log > when event log is true: play sound.

Note: If this occurs multiple times, and say you have 100 such event logs, and then a user refreshes the page, that would trigger the sound 100 times. So you need a mechanism to flush or disable your logs.

Hope this helps.

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