How to start a membership with bubble

Hello everyone, I am new to bubble and I been trying and reading all the lesson come with bubble before asking for any help.
But I need it now.
My question is how do I go about creating membership level, I have three free, premium and gold, where do I start?

Please help!!!

Sounds like you are going to charge people for that, right? That is where Stripe or PayPal come in. Look at the plug ins, pick the one you like and go from there. I believe some people have had issues with stripe, depending on what country you live in, but do some research to be sure I am not wrong.

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You should start with creating a ‘new data field’ for your “User” ‘data type’’. Name the ‘data field’ something like “Membership Level” and set the ‘data type’ to ‘text’.

When members create their account, set a workflow to change the user’s “Membership Level” to whichever tier they’ve selected during sign-up. You can then set permissions and conditionals based on a user’s “Membership Level”

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Thank you let me try

Hi jbrucew,
when you say create a new data field for user data type, are you saying on the User data type create a field name “Membership Level” and set the field type to text.

Yup, that’s exactly what I meant!

Okay I have so much to do in so little time, is there someone that can teach this staff for a fee

I need immediate help, fast reply please anyone

I create my data type call Membership level add field “plan name, plan descriptions, plan status, plan value, upgrade available and monthly price, yearly price etc” then I went to app data add new entry such as my membership product “Standard Plan, Premium Plan, Gold Plan” and all their info including prices.

How do I display them on the front end?

So far I have created my price table and with the membership plan name as a checkbox how do i make the select button collect the membership name and price then transfer it to the check out page?

Please help me, my website is design around the membership I can’t move on until I got it…help please

Hey @erlandetheart - I wish I could help more but I don’t have the skills.

Basically what I can tell you is that you would use an element (say the button element) that says “Select to be a gold member” or what fits your needs. Then you go to the editor of that element and select workflows, go into the work flows and tell it what you want it to.

I don’t know all that you have done but there are some videos (are there really ever enough tutorial vids? The answer is NO) over here to check out

You can also track down @brentsum and subscribe to his videos, he will teach you all kinds of crazy stuff. His website is

You can also jump over to the freelance section of the forums and find someone to help you on your app, for a fee - @romanmg is also an out standing coach and will right your ship quickly .

Hope something in the above is useful.

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Thanks for the shout out :slight_smile:

brentsum you can help, i will pay!

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Can someone tell me how to create groups? I create a membership level; Standard, Premium and gold. Now I need to create groups such as (standard group, premium group, gold group) to had them in after sign up

Can someone help me with this please?

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