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I need information on how build membership accounts for my customers, do I build from scratch or a plugin recommended please. I’m building my site so got experience there just start building membership accounts. Much thanks

I’d do it all in the database.

Depending if the membership you have is benefits or time you might want to do things a bit differently.

Have a field like “LEVEL” which could be low, medium, or high. Then you can do “if current user’s LEVEL is low…….”(don’t allow to….)

Have a field like “EXPIRATION DATE” which is the last day they have access. Then when they sign up for 30 days you move that date 30 days out. You do checks for “if current users “EXPIRATION DATE” is < current date……(don’t allow access)

You could just create a static option set “Membership Type”

with static options “Tier 1 member”, “Tier 2 member”, etc.

If this is a subscription, you can save an expiration date under each user, and create a reoccurring workflow to update each member’s type when the current date > expiration date.

I’ve built profile page from scratch think only way. Though I need to have attachment in thier profile account for users to add out side link. Any help appreciated??

I’ve created a profile page from scratch only way! Sure bubble use to have memberstack plugin I don’t know what happened with that as not there anymore. Anyway I need help in how do I create a link for users to copy and paste a external file/link. In their profile they need to attach outside links, any help appreciated

probably with this plugin: Dynamic URL Generator Plugin | Bubble

by @nocodeventure

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