How to stop the Do every 1 second workflow from even checking?

I have a workflow that runs every one second (countdown timer). This workflow only needs to run if the user is performing certain task on my page, but when the user is done w that task, I pass a URL parameter indicating the user is done w the task. At this point, i no longer want the workflow to even check if the condition is true or not. I want this bc i want to minimize the amount of computing the user’s browser has to do.

Any way to do this?

Hi @cdorozco16 :wave:

In your workflow, just place a condition to allow it to run ONLY WHEN a specific condition is true.


Thats what I have now. With that method, it still checks every 1 second if the conditions are true or false. What I would hope to do is for the workflow to not even check at all after the first time the conditions were not met. I am trying to minimize the amount of computing my users’ browsers have to do.

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