How to store and read data from url that is on different website

I need to add to add to a count depending on if the my site is entered through the link .com/31/branch1 or .com/31/branch2.
I’ve tried checking

if this url contains App Text(branch 1)

but I cant get it to work. Since the link is on another website I can’t use the data to send function on the link, I tried making a link using that method but the external site didn’t recognize any of the
url data. Any help would be appreciated as the only alternative to storing the data in my url is making a new url for every branch which will take hours.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re trying to do, but it looks as though URL parameters would be your best option here.

You could add a parameter for ‘branch’ to your links, then run a workflow using ‘get data from URL’ to add the count to the appropriate item base on the value of the URL parameter.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, when I try to get data from the page url I’m using the type parameter with the name being branch1 (the thing I added to the end of the url .com/31/branch1), with the type being text. Whatever way it’s doing it I can’t get it to recognize the url. Even if I could get whatever’s after the 31/ to appear on my screen I’d have enough to make this work.

It looks like you’re using a ‘path’, rather than a ‘parameter’ (parameters need be formatted with key and value pairs, preceded by a question mark, e.g. .com/31?branch=1), although paths should still work if your app/pages are structured correctly.

I don’t know how your app is structured, but I’m assuming from what you’ve posted above that you have a single page called ‘31’, that doesn’t have a page datatype.

If that’s the case then adding /branch1 (i.e. .com/31/branch1) should still take the user to the .com/31 page and display the same content, where you can then extract the value ‘branch1’ from the URL.

The fact that it’s not displaying that page (if that’s what you’re saying) suggests that maybe the 31 page does have a datatype, and is therefore expecting either a unique-id in the path (if you don’t have slugs set up), or that ‘branch1’ doesn’t relate to an actual data entry in the database?

If you want to use parameters instead of a path, use the correct format: .com/31?branch=1. Then what you’re currently doing (getting the parameter from the URL) should work, regardless of your app/page structure.

If you still can’t get it working feel free to post a link to your app preview so I can see what’s happening with the URLs, and maybe a link to your editor if you want me to take a look inside.