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Hi, I am William from the Philippines and I manage a website with a domain name,, which I created at After following the instructions in its SEO manual, still I could not find the website in Google search. Are there certain things that I should not do that prohibit my site from being seen in search engines like yours? What other things I should check on? Please help me on this matter for I have launched our site and needs traffic. Thank you very much for your help.

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William, Google rely heavily on sitemap! have you created google search console account?

Google search console account allows you to submit your sitemap and schedule google bots to crawl your web page. You have to give it a few days after submitting

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Yes Ben, we have submitted our sitemap to Google Search Console but an error keeps on occurring. Please see image below.

a sitemap is not an index page but an xml file which lists all urls on your site .
Go to your bubble settings > SEO/Metatags tab, click expose sitemap, check items you want to be indexed then go back to google console and add ‘sitemap.xml’ to your sitemaps.


Hi Dylan. Just want to check if I did it right. Really appreciate your help:)

Hi! Good day. Thanks for your help. I would just like to confirm if this should be the result after successful sitemap submission to google search console. May I know an estimated number of days after submission that our site will be available for search.


Excellent. You can manually index pages by pasting the URL in the top bar in webmasters. But google will start to index within a day but may take a little longer to get all your pages indexed.

Some may not due to not meeting googles standards.


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