How to switch between pages without having it loading

Basically what i want to achieve page changes without loading. Here is an example, if you load up the bubble user home page and switch between apps, templates and plugins, you will notice that the page switches without loading. If you also look at the search field you you will se it says “” and when you press “Templates” the search box says “” which I think indicates that these are different pages and not just different groups. How is this type of feature created in bubble?

Those are just different groups on the same page, using the URL path to determine when to make them visible.

Thanks for the response, how do I use the use the URL path to make the different groups visible?

Have conditions on each group, based on ‘Get Data From Page URL’ and select ‘path’ as the type.

Then use a GoTo Page action to change the path (just type a text into the data to send).

If you’re using more than just a single path segment, then you need to use Get Data From Page URL, and select Path Segments As List - then define which segment of the path you’re using for the condition.

Just one question, will the url be changed if I am on the free bubble subscription

yes - your subscription plan has nothing to do with this.

What do I do after this ( I tried to placa a condition on the group)

Define the value for the condition, and the select the property to change when true (i.e. is visible: yes)

Is visible doesn’t show up for some reson

‘This element is visible’ is what it’s called… it’s a property on every element - so it will be there.

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 20.17.25
What should the value be?

The value should be whatever the path in the URL that you’re using for the condition is…

(i.e. from the Bubble example above it would be either ‘apps’ or ‘template’)

It works, but to be honest I kinda prefer the other way where you just do “show element” and just show the group and display the data.

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 20.39.02
Just one more question though. The unique id of the “space” dosen’t s show up in the url. Do you possibly have a clue why that may be

That’s a very inefficient way to do things… but if you prefer it then go ahead (although I thought the whole point of this thread was about using URL paths… or are you not talking about that any more?)

I’m not too sure I understand the last part of your question… why would the unique ID of the Space show up in the URL?

I agree with you on the first point, cant argue against that really and sorry for your time. As far as the second part. Let me rephrase the question. I would like the Id to show up in the url if possible, is there a way to make it happen?

Without loading a new page?

Yes, as I said in my first reply, you just use a Go To Page action (going to the same page) but with new date (either in the data to send, or as a URL parameter - depending on what you’re trying to do).

Here’s a simple example (based on the Bubble page you referenced in your first post):

Ok, i’ll have a look at it, thanks for the replyes, I wont bother you anymore

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