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Possible to hide/unhide pages?

Hi all!

I am new to Bubble, great tool! :smile:

I want to make a prototype for my design project. I want to make the whole app in advance, hide a couple of pages, and than later when I need one specific page unhide them.
Is this possible?

making concept pages or maybe another possibility.

I need it because I want that the user in the beginning cannot use the whole app
maybe there are other solutions?

let me know if I am unclear/ you need more information
Thank you in advance!

Greatings Fenna

Hi Fenna,

One way to do this is to have a condition on page load that checks against an email address that is “yours” and then redirects. That is how we tend to do “admin” pages.

Not sure if that is quite what you are after, but it gives us a start :smile:

Yes, that’s definitely possible, just create more page and protect them as @NigelG suggests.

Okay thank you both for the fast reply!
I am going to have a look at it this week

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