How to sync a new Data type with USER / uniqueID?

Hello, im currently trying to sync data type profiles with User but i can’t seem to get it to work when they sign up.

What i’m trying to do it when a user is signed up a lot of info is sent to profiles and i also want the uniq user id or somehow connect them together.

In profiles i have the user = user filed set up!

Edit: I can do in to profiles manually and add a users uniqueID and then they are connected but adding thier email they used does not work?

Can you please share the screenshots of signup workflow of each steps?

Please create a field in user datatype as well named Profile (field type “Profiles”)

I assume in the
1st step of your workflow, you create a new user.

2nd Step - You Create a new profile. Here when you are creating profile fields, please select the user field like this user = current user or result of step one (you can use "Only When condition > when result of 1st step… is not empty)

In the 3rd step (if not available create an extra step) - Make changes to a thing > User > Last item’s Profile > result of step 2… (You can also create a "Only when condition > result of step is not empty)

This is how your all datatypes will be connected.

Note: I suggested to use Only When condition to make sure each steps are completed successfully as you may already know, workflow does not necessarily depends on steps to be completed, they all get initiated at once.

Hey, thank you for taking your time to help out, i forgot to add that i also have Profiles in the User as well.

I do not really understand the condition you’re talking about (step 2)? How should i frace the condition?
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 07.03.48

In step 1 you don’t need only when condition. Just create the user. Set profile field after creating the profile in 2nd step in 3rd step.

Yes i’m aware, on step one i create the user (no conditions) I’m talking about step 2

In 2nd step you are creating Profile. For user "User = result of step1…)

Only when is not necessary for now I think. Check if the workflow works without only when condition.

When i tried this the User filed is empty when the accounts get created?

You can’t use result of step 1 for this (you can’t access the result of a ‘sign the user up’ action in subsequent steps)…

So just use Current User for the User value.

Thanks! but when i do and i check the database the User filed is empty in the other data type?

This is my second workflow (Create a new profile) after workflow 1 which is sign the user up
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 15.04.04

Do you have any conditions on the workflow action?

No i do not?

Then I’ve got no idea…

Is the ‘created by field’ set correctly?

Isn’t that default by bubble? Should i try to make a delay to step 2?

No… I mean is the correct User being assigned in the created by field in the database?

How can i check that/Send a screenshot? not sure what you mean, the first step is sign the user up, next is user = Current user, so sould that not be the user that just created the account?

Just look in your database (app data) at the Profile entries…

not sure what you mean, the first step is sign the user up, next is user = Current user, so sould that not be the user that just created the account?

Yes, but aren’t you saying that’s not working? isn’t that what this discussion is about?

so I’m asking you to check the built in Created by field to see if that is also empty (I doubt it will be), to try to identify where exactly the issue lies.

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 16.36.15


I mean in your actual database… (the app data tab)… not the datatypes tab.

Look at your actual data.

Oh sorry… here is the data tab:
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 16.43.43

And the corresponding User fields are all empty?