How to connect two datatypes

Hi everyone,

I have these datatypes:

And these data fields
User - > Consultant
Consultant → User

When a User signes up for the first time, the work flow is like:

  1. The User is created
  2. The New Consultant is created and the Consultant->User is set by setting: “Consultant = Current user”.
  3. So after that I try to “Make changes to User” and setting the “User = This User´s Consultant” but that does not update the datatype “User” and datafield “User->Consultant”. I have also tried other ways.

How to solve nr 3, so User->Consultant is updated?

This should be such an easy thing.


Hi there, @thomas… set the field (I think you mean the Consultant field on the User data type) to the result of the step that created the new consultant, and you should be good to go. Oh, and you might not necessarily need to do what you are doing here (but it’s probably a good idea regardless) because the new consultant’s built-in Created By field will link it to the current user, so just something to keep in mind there.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the reply @mikeloc

I can see I wrote my first post a bit to quick.

User datatype has:
Consultant → Consultant (this one I have a problem with)

Consultant datatype has:
User → User (this gets updated)

I do this during "Create a new consultant ", and this part works fine.

But I can not get the User datatype updated

I understood your post, and the answer I gave you will work. Add another step to the workflow, and in that step, make changes to the current user, where the change is to set the Consultant field equal to the result of the step in which you are creating the new consultant (the dropdown will have an option for Result of step n's Consultant).

Fantastic @mikeloc, that worked. Thank you!

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