Sign new user up and add him to the list of users in Company Data Type

Hello. I do need your help on sign up issue. I have a Company Data Type which has a field named ‘list of Company’s users’ and a Button ‘Add new company user’. When this button is clicked, I want to create a workflow that Sign this new user Up and then Add this new user to the list of Company’s users in Company Type. I tried many times with different options but failed to make it. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you very much.

Workflow step 1: sign user up
Workflow step 2: make changes to thing - company
users list: add result step 1

What you need to do is have a way to recognize what company this user is going to be added to…if you only have 1 company in the D.B. that is not a problem…if there are many you need to arrange things so that you have a way of knowing what company it should be, and that will complicate things if you want somebody to sign up and automatically get placed in the correct company.

If you are enforcing the use of a company email for sign up you could extract the company info from the email.

There is a lot of different possibilities and it all depends on your set up for companies as well as how the users are signing up and if they are signing themselves or up or another person is signing them up.


Thank you @boston85719. I got it solved.

Result of step 1 doesn’t show up when the action is “sign the user up”

It wouldn’t if the “sign the user up” action is step 1 because if it is step 1 there would be no result of step 1 for step 1 to reference because it would be step 1.

The result of step 1 would only be available in steps that occur after step 1 such as step 2 or 3

Yes, I meant that you can’t find a “result of” when a new user signed up and user is a field for the data type you’re making changes to in step 2. There is no “result of step x” if the action is a user signup. Only way to get around it is “do a search for users :filtered (email = input email’s value)”

Yes, that is a good point. In my workflows I actually have another step, which is to log the user in, and then I use current user

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