How to temporarily deactivate a plugin?

In an app one of the plugins is injecting some garbage text into the page. I need to disable all plugins and activate them one by one to figure out which one is the culprit.

I only see the uninstall option, and no deactivate/disable plugin option. Is there a way to temporarily deactivate a plugin and reactivate it later without having to uninstall and reinstall? Something like how we do it in WordPress?


Make a save point just in case, but when you uninstall it stops working, but when you reinstall it should all go back to normal with all the plugin stuff still in place. So kind of what you are looking for

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Sounds good. Let me try this. :smiley:

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Also the garbage on page might give a clue if you want to share

And free plugins you can inspect their code for any scripts being loaded on the page with the plugin element, or if it’s happening on all pages there’s a shared section it could be loading stuff

It’s just this: ');

It looks like It could be something that was entered manually. Will have to check the plugins for manually provided text/scripts. But might need to deactivate plugins to see if it’s coming from a plugin’s code.

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Not really sure this is fully applicable but here’s a potential approach:

Just open in debug_mode=true and click on Inspect in the bottom right

Then click on that stray element being rendered on the page. That should tell you where it’s coming from.

Let me know if this helps!

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Some plugins will load libraries even if they have no elements in your page, as mentioned by @tylerboodman .