Warn before uninstalling plugins in use

Hi, Bubble!

I have a feature suggestion / request.
Admittedly, I tend to be a plugin hoarder and try-er. I often download plugins for minor functions in my apps only to uninstall it later when I am cleaning up my app performance/speed. Unfortunately, there have been multiple instances where I broke some major workflows in my apps due to steps containing the uninstalled plugin.

It would be a HUGE help if we could get a notification if we are about to uninstall a plugin that is “in use” - much like the notification to unsubscribe before uninstalling.

Thanks! :blush:


Great idea. Before Bubble gets around to that feature in 2034, you can use the app search tool to check a plugin usage before you delete it. Another alternative is to use the Optimize App Feature in the settings tab, in General section. This feature will search your app to allow you to remove completely all deleted data types and fields and much more, but more to your need, show all Unused Plugins, so if it is in that list, you know it is safe to delete.


oh wow!
Thanks so much for this, I had no idea it even had the “Optimize App Feature” - that’ll certainly do until 2034. :yum:

Thanks again!


I’d throw some caution on this and say I’ve seen it suggest things for deletion still in use. Particularly styles. Oddly enough I’ve also seen it strip hard coded style overrides :hushed: 🫣

It’s really cool and in most cases is super useful. Just be cautious.

Yes, I’ve had this issue in the past as well. I’ve usually cautioned others to first make a save point and then do the optimize app feature, and if looking to remove something specific, definitely only target that specific thing via the checkboxes.

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