How to track progress of a very long workflow in a popup

Howdy Bubblers!
I have this very long workflow that is doing a lot of calls and things in the background. Users have been quitting the page because it takes something like 5/6 seconds and this workflow is crucial in the process. I would love to track the progress in a popup. I already have a progress field in the Data Type I’m modifying but the steps in the workflow aren’t executed in sequence so when showing that field text it’s showing only a couple of them.

Is here anyone who had a similar case to mine? What solution did you find?

Thank you for your time!

There is a Bubble Progress Bar plugin that works pretty well and is easy to style. Since you are already making changes to a data type to track the progress, I would suggest moving the workflow to a backend workflow or a few different ones. That way you can call the first backend workflow, complete a step, make change to the progress that will display to the user. Then make the last step to trigger the next workflow which can do the same thing until all actions are completed in order.


I will say you can also create custom workflows on the front end as well and chain them together in the same method.

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I tried what you suggested, it is still notshowing the actual progress but only two of them even with custom events that are triggered in sequence.