How to transition to yearly billing and what happens when I upgrade

Hi, Two questions re: billing

  1. This should be easy, but I am not seeing a way to transition to yearly billing from my current monthly billed personal plan
  2. What happens if I transition to yearly billing on my personal plan, and then a month later want to upgrade to professional plan. Am I able to choose between monthly/yearly on professional plan? What is the additional amount that I pay?

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Hey there @bubble_dev,

Very good questions!

I believe that this might be something you need to contact the Bubble Success Team for. They are probably the ones who need to upgrade it manually. @eve, could you confirm this?

My assumption is that your plan will be prorated.

@jess @eve could you confirm how correct I am on this? This is what I’m assuming as a Bubble user for a few years.

Thanks @johnny.

Generally, I think something in the FAQ explaining how pricing works when plans are changed, and when you may have “credit” because you switched from a cheaper yearly to a more expensive monthly or something, would be super helpful. Indeed, really odd that I can’t just go in the interface and change my own plan.

Hello! @johnny’s got it right: unfortunately, you can’t switch between billing frequencies once you’ve subscribed, though our team can help if you reach out to If you upgrade and downgrade, any unused time on the higher-tier plan is prorated back to your account in the form of credits, to be used towards future billing.

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Based on response from

To change from monthly billing to yearly billing (or vice-versa), you will need to first switch yourself to “Free” plan, and then upgrade yourself to the plan you desire. At this point, you should have all the options available. However, when you switch to free plan, the downgrade will happen immediately and you will NOT get any credits for unspent time on your account. The credit will NOT be applied in the future and is permanently lost.

Here’s what happened when I did this. I was on a monthly personal plan and had about 11 days remaining for the billing cycle. I downgraded to free, and my app was immediately downgraded. Then I upgraded to professional plan with yearly billing and was charged the full amount for 12 months (NO credit was applied for the 11 remaining days I hadn’t used). However, the upgrade worked flawlessly, and my app is now on a professional plan.

Did the Bubble team say that the credit would eventually be returned to your account for future payments?

The team clarified that the credit will be lost, and not applied now or in the future. If one wants to avoid this, do it close to the billing date.

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Interesting, I guess they are prorated only for the monthly to monthly or yearly to yearly subscriptions?

That is my understanding as well.

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