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How to change paid yearly plan to a new app?

Hello I paid an yearly professional plan on an app (App A) I made from scratch and I recently bough a template I want to use for the app I am building.

Is there any way I can change the professional plan to my new app created from the template (App B)? I do not want to pay for another plan as I do not intend to use the old app (App A).

I searched on the forums and I was not able something straightforward. It included cancelling the current plan, but as far as I am aware, once you cancel you get no refunds so it seems to me like I would need to pay double?

Can I please get some help or somebody to redirect me to the correct answer? :slight_smile:

I think it’s not possible from our end. Better to reach bubble support.

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Yes I have had exact same problem before. Contact Bubble support. When I did they were kind enough to give me credit for the balance remaining of AppA payment, which I then was able to use for AppB .

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