Annual billing still required to stay on the legacy plan?

I thought I read a @josh reply somewhere that we can stay on month-to-month billing as long as we want to maintain the old pricing plan, but I still see this.

Am I mistaken?

I suppose this system message is misleading. We should be able to use our legacy plan even if we are paying monthly.

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This is incorrect.

You get to stay on the legacy price even on a monthly billing. (As long as you’re subscribed before May 1st)

However, if you switch to an annual billing, then you get a 10% discount since the legacy plan is expected to increase by 10%.

I also incorrectly thought the same thing and Bubble’s customer support clarified yesterday. (Convo below)


I have an existing app on a monthly subscription and would like to stay on my current legacy pricing structure (Not the new WU calculations)
Do I need to take any actions ahead of May 1st to ensure that everything stays exactly as it is for the next 18 months?

customer support:

Thanks for getting in touch. No action will be needed to stay in your existing plan until October 2024.
"Limited time offer: save on your current plan by switching to annual billing by May 1, 2023."
Since existing customers will see a ~10% price increase to their existing plan (effective May 1, 2023), you can switch to annual billing to lock in an annual discount until May 1, 2023.
Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions/concerns; we’re happy to help.


Is the legacy plan locked in for all plan tiers?
For example, after May 1st, will I be able to upgrade from my current legacy personal plan ($29) to the legacy professional plan ($129)?

customer support:

Thanks for getting back to us. No, it is not. You will automatically be switched to the new pricing when you upgrade, downgrade, or change your plan’s billing frequency on or after May 1, 2023.
If you like to remain in the legacy plan (with a 10% price increase effective May 1st) for the next 18 months, then you must not make any changes to your plan on or after May 1, 2023. Please note that once a plan has been changed to the Free plan or a new paid plan, it cannot be put back on a Legacy plan.

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Also note on legacy pricing, you can increase capacity still and remain on legacy.


This is why I’ll be upgrading and adding a few extra units of capacity before May 1st. If we’re forced to use the new pricing model, we’re done for.

can you boost capacity of a legacy plan after 1st of may or do you need to purchase the boost now?

from bubble support @samnichols

Thanks for getting back. Yes, if you remain on the legacy pricing plan, you will still have the ability to add up to 7 units of capacity on the Professional Plan as needed during the next 18 months while you remain on the monthly billing. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To me the smart money play is monthly billing on Professional, upgrade capacity if need be, closely monitor your WFUs and make the switch after optimizing app for WFUs…OR switch to another platform after 18 months if WFUs is prohibitively expensive.


So, based on the responses from both of our customer support convos @boston85719 :

  • #1. You cannot upgrade from a personal legacy plan to a professional legacy plan after May 1st

  • #2. But you can purchase additional units after May 1st, if already on the professional plan

Would be good to have the flexibility of #1.

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Would be, but Bubble is not allowing it. Makes me have to move my plans up a few months to make that change. I’ll have to pay $100/month for 3 months more than I anticipated, but this change also means I’ll be killing two apps.

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There is no opportunity to add capacity units on legacy personal plan (afk, can’t check app settings)?

Up to 3 capacity increases…not sure if that is different from the Professional plan (says up to 7), but looks like from the editor settings you can get up to 3 on Personal. If necessary, check with Bubble support.


Those are just temporary boosts. You can add permanent capacity increases for $30/mth/unit when you’re on a Pro plan or higher. For reference, the Pro plan has 3 units of capacity by default.

Thank you for clarifying that.

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Thanks for sharing that! I didn’t realize we’d be able to add capacity during the 18 months if needed (on the Pro plan or higher).

If you are wanting to stay on Bubble, this seems like the best strategy. I’ve really enjoyed using Bubble and had hoped to stay on it long-term, but unfortunately because of how long it will take to rebuild and migrate our app, there just isn’t enough time for me to wait and hope this all works out in the end. 18 months might sound like a lot, and I’m grateful Bubble gave that kind of runway, but our app has become fairly complex and will take 9-12 months to rebuild if everything goes well, so we have to make our decision a bit faster than some.

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