How to Trigger a Workflow on Delivery Status Change?

Title: How to Trigger a Workflow on Delivery Status Change?

Hello everyone,

I’m developing a delivery management application on Bubble and need help implementing a specific feature. My goal is to create a history for each delivery, automatically recording various events (creation, status change, photo addition, invoice sent, and comments added) with the date, time, and responsible user.

I particularly want to trigger a workflow whenever the status of a delivery is changed by any user (courier or client company). This workflow should create a new entry in a dedicated “History” table. My challenge is configuring Bubble to detect and respond only to changes in the delivery’s “status” field.

I’ve looked into the “Do when condition is true” workflow options and tried using “Custom States”, but I’m struggling to precisely configure this status change detection.

Do you have any suggestions or examples of configurations that could meet this need? Are there specific plugins or tricks for monitoring a field change in Bubble’s database and triggering actions accordingly?

Thank you in advance for your help and advice!

Can you share your current workflow where you want to trigger it?

Without seeing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish it sounds like you can set up a custom workflow to create new thing (history thing in database) only when [your chosen criteria]

I haven’t created a workflow yet.

I want to create a workflow that adds to my histrory table when, for example, the status of my delivery has changed.


Thanks for the documentation,
But I don’t have the same thing.

I can’t find this “Creating a database trigger event”.

I’ve activated the backend editor as described in the documentation, but how do I access it?

ok I’ve find it here. I keep going

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