How to TRULY reset elements/groups as if on page load?

In short, my app is using a private plugin that relates to drag and drop, but… after the first drop, the elements lock and I can’t drag them any further. Basically anytime that I run the plugin on page load, it works perfect. But any second or further uses of the plugin on an element, it locks. So I have one use per element which resets on page load, instead of a smooth use change after change. As an ideal workaround, I could use a button to reset things after every time the plugin is used so instead of locking it would be as on page load where I know it works well.

So, my goal is to basically reset things exactly as if on page load where I know it works without actually reloading the page, which I can’t do because it’s a one-page app intended for mobile. I’ve tried to use reset element workflow, set data sources to clear and back to the source, empty states, reset group data/group, hide and show the element and plugin and parent groups, I can’t find a way though… Anyone have any ideas please? I even tried to run some javascript but I can’t code so no clue if it did anything. Oh man.

edit: I know my attempts at resetting things aren’t working to get things back to page load fresh-level. I know because between doing all resetting, if I go from a profile to another it will remain locked from the previous use. I just need it to get back to the same page load fresh level and I know it’ll work! I just need to reset it properly but it’s not doing it :frowning: I am so close to finally pushing this update out to my users. This is so truly important to me, someone please help. I am extremely close to achieving something that’s taken me years to do, and I finally have the users waiting!

If someone feels kind enough to check my javascript, which is meant to reset an element to original:

I don’t know what more to try someone seriously help please. I have all my users waiting for this and our marketing groups ready. Everyone is waiting for me and I can’t fix this!!!

Any, any, any ideas welcome!