How to turn a list of text into tags in

This problem bugged me for literal weeks. I really hope this helps someone.

I was looking to create something that looked like tags. I did this:

  1. Create a repeating group
  2. Type = text, Data Source = your data source [FOLLOWED BY] :extract with regrex and enter [THIS CODE] (\b[^\s]+\b) << THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP
  3. Enter a text bubble into the repeating group & make the text “Current cells text”


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Thanks for the post and cool tip! Always interesting to see the creative solutions users come up with for solving certain usecases.

Thanks for the tip. My problem wasn’t exactly the same but I really struggled literally hours finding out how to make a list of items as separate tags. Based on your tip, I just had to change Type of content to ‘text’ then split by a separator ‘,’. Finally, it works!

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