How To Turn OFF prorated billing with Stripe

It looks like the “Update Subscription” automatically adds a prorated charge. My use case is an app that charges a teacher per student.

So for example assuming its $1 per student, if a teacher has 5 students, and then adds another, instead of charging immediately, the subscription updates immediately, but adds a prorate to next months invoice making their next subscription charge for $6 (their current amount of students) + $1 (the added student from last month) making it appear they are getting charged $7 per student even though they only have 6 students. Is there a way to disable this, so teachers are only paying for the amount of students they have at the time their subscription charges??

I simply just need to turn off prorating. I’ve come across posts on how to turn it on/asking for the feature to be added, but not how to turn it off.

@teamprogresscomplete If you’re implementing Stripe yourself through the API connector, you can set the proration_behavior field to “none”. By default, it’s set to “create_prorations”.

See documentation here: Stripe API reference – Update a subscription – curl

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