Input linked to dynamic data won't update

I have a simple input element. Its content is linked to the value of a custom state.

I also have a repeating group full of stock ticker symbols. When I click on a symbol, that symbol is saved to the custom state (the one that the input element is linked to).

The value in the input field changes as the custom state is changed as expected.

PROBLEM: If I click back into the input field again, and change any text, THEN click the repeating group again, the custom state is changed, but the input field no longer updates at all. Again, this only happens if I click into the input element and change the text in some way. It seems that action breaks the ability for it to dynamically update to match the custom state.

Is there something I’m not aware of?


Hi there, @underhill.dan… I have dealt with that situation before, and one way you can address it is to use a group. Put the input inside a group, set the group’s data source to the custom state, set the input’s initial content to the parent group’s value, and have the first step of the workflow that sets the custom state be a step that resets the group.

Anyway, that’s one way you can go here, and I hope it helps.


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Hi Mike,

Beautiful solution. Thank you, that did the trick :slight_smile:

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