How to update data list field that is from another table type?

Hi Bubbler,

Need some pointers here.

I have create a field called emp_claims in table A that by referring to table B as field type and selected the field to be a list.

Table B has 3 fields : amt, department, type_of_claims

I use workflow “Create a new thing” to add the record to table B but unable to find any guide online to add it to Table A’s emp_claims list field.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Just make changes to the Table A thing, then select the field to change and use ‘Add’ too add the newly created Table B thing.

Actually this action is to add claims to table A which is employee table.
Table B is used for claims record.

So I want to add the claims records as list in table A in the employee data.

Is it possible? Or is there better way to do this?


Is it possible?

Yes… I explained how to do it in my previous post… is there something you didn’t understand?

Not sure about the steps.

Is it I need to use set state to create a list first?
Then add the claims into the list?

As @adamhholmes mentioned, you simply need to do these steps:

  1. Make changes to a thing action and select Table A’s thing
  2. Select the field that you want to change (this will be the list)
  3. Simply add the thing that you want to add to the list


Hope this helps!


Thank you!

I found my problem too, the data field type was not created as list. face palm.
Then after that, I see the steps that you @ntabs , @adamhholmes guided and it worked now!

Thank you!

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