How to upload images in bulk and associate them with items in my database


I have a database of locations and I would like to bulk upload photos to be associated with each of these locations.

I’ve looked at other similar questions in this forum but haven’t quite found a solution I understand.



Hey @harrisonalley! did you find a work around this? I need to do the same!

If you are going to upload multiple photos for a single location and need to save them to be ‘attached’ to that single location you can use the multi file uploader and then run recursive workflow to save them (or might need to do a backend workflow on a list). I have not attempted this yet, but this is my first thought on how to do it.

thanks @boston85719 for your reply!

So what I want to do is for example bulk upload 100 profile pictures to 100 different users. Can this be done the way you explain?

How do you plan to associate the user with the profile photo? Do the photos have names as the file name?

they do have specific names. I just want to bulk upload a data base including the pictures. The other fields (not images) are only text fields on a csv file.

If they have specific names that you could use later to associate them with the user then you could use the technique I used.

I put a multi file uploader onto my page and I selected all of the image files I wanted to upload. I put a repeating group on the page and put the datasource to be the multi file uploader value.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 1.02.33 PM

After that I put a button and triggered a backend workflow on a list

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 1.04.18 PM

I then used the filename to associate it with the correct retailer in my database


thanks my friend! I will certainly try this… I will let you know how I do!

No worries. In my example most of the fields are not necessary. You really only need the image field. I used file-name for alt-text purposes.

Hi boston, one quick doubt. How are you associating the records in the database? through a bulk API workflow?

I quickly scanned this thread and saw this at the beginning. Not a Bulk operation, but a recursive backend workflow

Hey @boston85719, it seems like your example is exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I need to modify your worfkow is adding search expression in the DB based on the file name in order to store the file at the right table row.

I think I’ve done it correctly, but files aren’t stored in the table. It would be super helpful if you see anything I’m missing…

Here’s my editor (demo for getting the logic correct…) Trndr | Bubble Editor


How are you going to find a database entry that doesn’t exist?

You have your backend workflow search for a Trend using the Filename

But I don’t see anywhere in the workflows you creating the Trend first using the filename…I think instead of using the make changes to thing workflow action in your backend workflow you should be using the Create a thing workflow action

Good point, @boston85719,

In fact there are already pre-uploaded TREND things in the DB. In the general workflow, admin would upload csv file manually using “Upload” button upfrnt, then they would upload image files which use the file name to find the right location.

I just thought of the order can be switched, bu I don’t think CSV upload can modify existing things…?

It could. Just would take some time to think through the workflows to set it all up.

Hey Boston, i have table of workers in which all data of workers are saved, i want to compress the uploaded profile pictures by workers (currently sizes of profile pictures are too big making the app slow) is it possible that i can compress those uploaded picture inside bubble ?

Yes, but likely need a plugin. There might be a free compressor or resizer plugin that can do it, but not sure. I recently purchased a plugin called ImagePro which does this.