How to use a slider input with date picker?

How do you allow a user to use the slider input - and drag it across to pick a date?

Also it should be a range of number of weeks.

Slider input is dragged → Intervals of 7 days is reflected in the date picker

This is a difficult.
I have tried auto-binding the slider and the date picker.
I tried using maximum and minimum dates in the date picker.
I have also tried dynamic choices and conditional tab doesn’t seem to work either.

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unfortunately, slider inputs are special elements that are used only in their own conditions and their output can always be a number.

The only way is to convert the value of the slider number to a date according to the date range, which I do not recommend. If this is very important to you, you can probably create it with a repeating group.

I would like a user to select number of weeks from current date.
How can this be done with repeating group or otherwise?

can you explain more, or example images

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