How to use an "OR function" as a filter in repeating group?

Just to give some context: I’m building a two party food marketplace (pick up only, no delivery).

How do I have an “OR” statement function when “adding constraints” to my repeating group?. Each food listing could have up to 6 different pick up location options. I want to SHOW ANY food listing that has a pick up location option in X suburb. I don’t need all pick up options in the listing to be in X suburb (which is what screenshot is probably doing). How do I get around this? Thank you! :slight_smile:

The first thing I would say is that your DB is not properly configured. This make your filter more complex.
Suburb should be a list of (type or text? this depend of your DB structure) and everything in one field instead of 6 fields. This way, you will be able to use Suburb contain dropdown value.

Actually, the only way will be to use advanced constraint in :filtered function or conditionnal (and there will be a lot of conditions to implement!)


While @Jici is correct, the equivalent of an “OR” search in Bubble is to :merge two searches. Detail here:


@keith & @Jici thank you for your response. Really appreciate your help. I will give it a try, hopefully it works on my end.

I agree, I don’t like my DB structure as well. I needed to set it like that because:

  1. Allow combination of date, time, and location: For each food listing, the seller could be like, “on X date at X time, I’m free for pick up in the city”. But “on Y date at Y time, I’m free for pick up in Surry Hills”. OR “on another dates and time, I’m free for pick up in Surry Hills”. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate what I mean.
  2. Maintain data accuracy: I need to number each pick up option input to ensure accuracy when the data is pulled (ie. X date will be referring to X time in X suburb instead of X date + Y time + Z suburb).

I thought of doing it as a list as well. the only prob is, when I pulled them together. It won’t be X time + X suburb + X date.

I’m only a few weeks old into Bubble. So if you have an idea on how to better structure my DB, I would really appreciate it.

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