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Repeating group - Search for: constraints with OR condition

I want to display a list of things (transaction) using a Repeating group. Each transaction has a sender (User) and recipient (User). I want to list all transactions where either the sender or the recipient ist the Current Page User. As far as i know constraints set in “Search for” are connect with an AND condition. Is there any way to achieve this other than splitting it into to seperate lists or extending the data type with an additional field containing both sender and recipient?

You can use the :filter parameter in the repeating group for this.

Another way to do OR is to merge lists, with the “merged with” operations.

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I think that is what I meant to say :smile:

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Hello All,

I seem to be having great difficulty filtering based on more than one field in a data type though it seems it should be pretty straight forward. I have a particular repeating group and I would simply like to filter based on text that could be in any of the fields of the data type. example search for “Texas”, which could be in the “departure” field or “arrival” field

What I’ve tried to do is to put the input into a state (and passed via the URL), then the state value is used in the filter mechanism in the Repeating Group but this doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?