How to use API Connector field types on Data

When I create a new field on my data, in the field type dropdown I see the standard options, as well as all the API Connector plugins I have set up. Ex. “Get All League Players”

How do I utilize this field type once it is set?

My assumption is that I could dynamically set this value via the API every time that data object is displayed, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation/demos/tutorials on how to use this field type.

If anyone could provide an explanation, overview, or link to further information, it would be greatly appreciated.

This is exactly how you set that. Use Get data from API connector in this field and select the correct data type from the call. When you call this item, you will have access to all fields values of this call exactly like if this was a related Bubble DB. In data tab, this will show as data from api.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

If that is the intended use case, I’m not sure how to use the data in my app.

Let’s say I have a very basic API Connector set up for my “User Info” endpoint, that returns:

{“name”:“Ram”, “email":"”},
{“name”:“Bob”, “email":"”}

And on my Data Type: User, I want to set the “email” Field on each User using my “User Info API”. I can set the Field Type on “email” to be “User Info API”, but how can I configure which property in the API response it should be pulling?