Select app data types in API connector/API workflow

Hi Bubble,

As discussed here, the Javascript to Bubble plugin allows to select data types as results. Allowing us for example to get a user_id and automatically make the link with the corresponding ‘user’ type.

This is really time/performance saving as you can then skip the extra step of search for user where unique_id= this text : item #1

That would be then nice to have this functionality in the API connector as well as in the case of API workflow. Right now you can set up API results only with standard fields (text, number,…) whether in the context of the API connector or when you ‘detect data types’ in the case of an API workflow.

In terms of use case, I’m particularly thinking of webhook flow where, along other informations, an external service also pass a unique_id - that you sent before -, so you know which objects (user, project, tasks…) the webhook update is about…


Bumping this topic as it would be really a great thing to have @Bubble


We’ve put this on the list of things to do. It’s a fairly large project, so it isn’t something that will get implemented soon. @mattmazzega is right with how to solve this now – doing a search on what’s returned.

Has this feature been implemented through any update or available plugin yet by any chance? I’ve run into this limitation on two different projects and i’m in search of a solution. thanks.