Super simple question - how can I include a dynamic variable in our API Call (in API Connector) of a users data (e.g. LinkedIn profile)

Hi all,

We have an enrichment API, and I’m setting up the API Call in the API Connector.

We just need to send the users LinkedIn profile URL. But I’m a bit lost in how I add a variable in the api connector to pick up the current users linkedin URL data field.

Appreciate any help

Your input value field is actually dynamic if you use it as a Plugin on your bubble app. Works the same like any other dynamic input field.

I’ve been able to use it dynamically, when trying to call the api - however what I’m trying to do is setup a custom event, that calls this api once. It’s this workflow that doesn’t give me the option to call ‘current users’ ‘linkedIn url’

Can you share some screens

This is the custom workflow, that I’d like to build to trigger when someone comples sign-up. You can see that I don’t have the option to call the users linkedin profile url (which is in a database)

I also tried to convert the api call to a plugin, however don’t seem to be able to apply it to the app.

You want to use it as a “filter” ?
If yes, you need to set the API call to be “data”. If you want to be an action in workflow, you need to set the API Call to be “action”

If you want to use it to update a field in the “Make change to job…” action, you need to set it as action too.

I want to be able to replace the ‘value’ in the api connector with the ‘current users’ linkedin profile url that we have stored in the DB, I just can’t see how to do this.

But actually you don’t show where you want to do that. So it’s hard to explain.
You will not do that in the API Connector. So you need to call the API Endpoint and user the “Current user url” in the value field of the endpoint called. But for that, you need to know where you will use it. It can be in a workflow or in element. But depending of what you are trying to do, this will be different.

Got it.

So, what I’m attempting to do, is a custom event that when the completes ‘signs up’ - we then enrich their profile with information obtained via this api.

During sign up two things happen:

  1. They create a ‘user’ thing
  2. During onboarding flow, they create a ‘profile’ thing which holds all their profile information (e.g. Linkedin URL, career history etc.)
    When we finish the 2nd ‘create profile’ thing, they then go into their profile. By this point, I’d like to do a single API call, and store all of this data in the database, which we can then display on their profile.

So your API connector endpoint should be set to Data and when you Make change to a thing, you select the field where you need to store the data and use Get Data from API. You select the endpoint and you will be able to enter value.