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Using Ziggeo with Authorization Tokens


I tried to use Ziggeo with Authorization Tokens because I didn’t want to show the videos public.
I set Authorization Settings on Ziggeo, got Auth Tokens.
Where do I have to set this Auth Tokens in bubble?
Or we can use only public Ziggeo videos for bubble?

thanks for reading!

We don’t support auth tokens yet since you can do almost everything without them. Your videos are by default private - nobody can access them without the Ziggeo and video token. The video becomes “public” when you share its auth token with users - you don’t have to, you can keep them hidden. This should cover 99% of situations.
Can you share more about what you’re trying to achieve?


We just updated the player to accept an authentication token - the server kind. You can create them using on Ziggeo’s site under auth tokens. Enjoy!

Wow, how wonderful!
Thanks so much !! :smile:

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Hi George.
I want to create a mobile app using Bubble and Ziggeo.
I already created the account in Ziggeo and successfully uploaded a video that correctly plays in Bubble.
I want to know how to configure for each user registered in my app on Bubble to upload their videos and have a private gallery, as well as share the videos with others in my Bubble application.
Any guide, clue would be awesome!

I’m getting this “Error loading media: File could not be played” after attempting to enable auth tokens from within Ziggeo. Am I supposed to be copying and pasting the generated token into this field in the Bubble editor?

Would an appropriate use case be: I create a single auth token with no limit and no expiration, copy the token, paste into “Server auth token” input on video player.

If so, maybe it has something to do with the grants. Can you share an example of a grants code?