How to use calculations to crunch the numbers in the background and then display results?

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I have a page where users enter in a series of information. Combination of text, numbers and dates (7 fields). I need to use the information from certain fields to calculate information that will be displayed on another page.

The calculation options I have seen so far are for loan payments, coordinates, random string, and sum products. I really only need to add, subtract, multiply and divide between number and date fields.

I understand it’s a very broad question… But any tips/experiences/tricks that might point me in the right direction would be wildly appreciated!

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You could use custom states as placeholders in your calcs, or you could go to the far extreme and use custom APIs to make use of things like Azure Functions and do the ‘fancy’ stuff off site!

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Custom states and hidden input fields to hold formula values should do it for you. Whenever a field type is a number, you’ll have basics math operations available to you. For example, if you have a custom state called Invoice Sub-Total that is a number type, you can then retrieve that value when saving to the database in a workflow, and modify it with an operation: “invoice sub-total + invoice tax” or something, where those 2 are number values. This is not within the Calculate Formula option, it’s just a list of math operations that become available when writing expressions with numbers.


Hi Romanmg, Could you show your explanation as an example, or point to one already explained? The use of “state” and “hidden input fields” like you describe in your answer to deandnixon would go a long way in demystifying these types of operations for me. thanks!

Is this same concept possible for something like a personality quiz? IE assigning numerical value to one of multiple groups, then summing the total of each group to determine which one the user scored the highest, all before storing to DB?