Any tutorial on how to use "Custom States"?

Any tutorial on how to use “Custom States”?


Hi zakaria,

there is tons of documentation. Just google “ custom states”. You can start with the bubble manual itself:

Many regards, O.

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Over on Coaching Bubble’s YouTube channel she has a few videos using custom states and real world usage, which is quite handy for visually gauging how they can be used in your own app.

There are also a good amount of posts with custom state questions and scenarios.

Any questions let me know.


Try looking here… there are a few that offer tutorials for states.

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See my answer (linked below) to this other question. I explain a very basic use case of custom states and how they work.

Coaching bubble ( Gaby) also has an in depth course that covers custom states in detail. After completing coaching bubbles’ course, I’m very comfortable With custom states , use them often with my apps. The course is not free but worth the investment.

A few months back I shared some background information on custom states. Take a look at this thread.

I also created a quick video tutorial on that post. Linking it here for easy reference.

Dan (Creator of LearnTo)