How to use "data-nosnippet" tag - to disallow Google from Indexing certain text from a page

I have a page on my website that displays text scraped from other websites. I want to disallow search indexing of this text while indexing the rest of the page.

Google allows the use of “data-nosnippet” tag to exclude parts of an HTML page from indexing as in the example below. Wondering if it is possible to do it in Bubble and if yes, how ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi @happyholz123

I haven’t tried to do this before, but I would assume a quick solution would take advantage of BBCode which is used in Bubble’s text elements.

You can find more info here.



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@ziyadelbaz Thank you very much, looks like something I could explore. As a workaround I used an HTML element instead of a text element and then added the “nosnippet” tag for the parts of the text I did not want to be indexed.

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