Google Snippets SEO Discussion

Does anybody know how to set up a page in an attempt to capture the real estate on google search results that utilize snippets?

I’ve seen on some SEO sites a lot of talk about google snippets being like position “0” and therefore better than first position as the snippet takes up top spot and is quite eye catching.

There seems to be three types of snippets that I’d like to be able to optimize my content pages for and can’t find any discussion on the topic in the forum and most SEO threads are pretty thin on advice beyond using the page html and header things.

Wondering if there is some html code that is helpful for organizing and displaying content on page that would potentially get displayed on google as a bullet or numbered list of things.

as well as get recognized by the bot as potentially good content to add to one of these things.

But also to get more details of the site such as this

What you are looking for is called “Structured Data Snippets / Rich Cards”. I have these implemented on my bubble site. You need to create a corresponding script with your dynamic data and load it on page load. It isn’t very difficult to add it.

Here’s one of my previous posts on how to implement this: