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Dear Bubble helpers,

I am trying to build a conditional log in of users, i.e. if they have not been “approved” yet, they are redirected to the homepage. It’s a boolean, so it’s either yes (approved) or no (not approved).


However, when I log in with an approved account ([email protected] in this case), the condition is not verified…


It is considered that Status’ value is “no” for [email protected]


Could anyone help me solve this ? The objective is to do something similar to this thread.

Thank you in advance!

I think you should review your WF
The log in button should log the user in. After you will have to “Go to page” action. First one will have a conditionnal: Current user status is Yes. Second will have Current user is No.
You probably have privacy rule that prevent your search to work.

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You helped me solve this!

It works perfectly with 2 WFs, but as you said, my privacy settings prevented me from doing searches!


This is the box I checked to solve it:

Thank you!