Conditional statement

Hi guys,

I have this condition which is evaluating to True even if the user is not a Moderator or Administrator.
In the user thing, I have a role list. In this case, this user is just a User, recipe status is not Draft or Saved and the user is logged in.

If I could, I would wrap some conditions in brackets which I think would solve my problem. Is this possible?

(Current User’s Role contains Moderator or Current User’s Role contains Administrator)
(Parents group’s Recipe’s Status is not Draft or Parents group’s Recipe’s Status is not Saved)
Current User is logged in.

I thought I could do without the last statement in the condition ‘and Current User is logged in’. Without this, logged out users still see this group! The first two statements should have taken care of this. A logged out user does not have a role!

Any advice, please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen,
unfortunately this happens sometimes.
Have you tried putting your first condition (moderator) as the last one?
Sometimes you have to open a second conditional eg just for the logged in one to get it to work.

I agree that it is not ideal this way!


That seems to do the trick! Though way to strange!

I also revised my privacy rules to make it more fool proof.

@emmanuel Is this not a bug?

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