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How to use Dropdown using SQL Database Connector

My first question, I need your help.

I succeeded to connect MySQL with Bubble.

I’d like to use dropdown when I edit user’s profile, but I can’t set up the choices source and the default value with one query.

In the choices source, I’d like to show all options, and in the default value, I’d like to take one option.

This query is here.

I tried to write “manager_id” in the parameter like this, because it could get all options.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-27 17.19.16

But it couldn’t.

When I wrote “where manager_id = manager_id” in the query, I got all options in the dropdown.

If anyone know how to use dropdown using SQL Database Connector, please tell me.

I solved this problem by using “filtered”


Try removing the line breaks and the semicolon from the query.
Also put a value in “test value” field.

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