Set Dropdown default Value to Database Value


I´m using an external database. And want the default value in a dropdown to be the value in the database. How can I achieve that?

I have tried to add a filter constraint but the default value field turns red. Any idea how to solve this? :slight_smile:

Have you tried setting your Default Value exactly like you have the Placeholder in the screenshot?

I solved the default value on my “insert” functionality. But I got another problem:

I’ve successfully implemented an edit function in my Bubble application, but I’ve encountered a new challenge. Specifically, I’m working on retrieving a Unique ID from a row to edit the corresponding data.

I’m currently facing an issue with the Bubble editor where I need to use two different queries – one for the Choice source and another to fetch the default value (the value already registered on the record). Bubble seems to be posing a challenge in handling this dual-query scenario.

I would greatly appreciate any tips or guidance on how to effectively manage two distinct queries for the Choice source and default value in the Bubble editor.

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have you got any luck? I’m facing exactly the same issue. I have a list of users and a list o roles. In a repeating group I have my users listed and one field is a dropdown with all available roles in the databse.

It works fine. I can see the choices and when I choose one it triggers an edit which is work fine too.

The problem resides when I list the users, I need the Default Value of that dropdown to be the role ID for each user but this is not working. It reverts to the Place Holder… if I choose any choice, the EDIT trigger works just fine.

Anyone can help me with that?

Thanks in advance

Yes! I solved it like this:

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Thank you very much. Worked like a charm

I owe you a :beer:

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