SOLVED: Does dropdown Default Value work with API/API Connector?

Hi - I’m using the API Connector to fetch some data that I’m using in a Dropdown as a Dynamic Choice. Everything works fine (I can get the correct values from the API and into the database) with the exception of Default value field. I’ve created a data Field Name with the same Field Type as the Type of Choices in the Dropdown (per documentation from Bubble).
However, I get an issues messages (see below) when I enter in Default value (pic below). I’m thinking it’s operator error but I’ve searched the forums and tried a few different things with no success.
Any thoughts on how to get the Default value?


Hey @nikolai. The default value needs to evaluate to a single item of your choices source. Try copying the expression from Choices source, into default value, and add a filtered modifier to choose the entry you want as the default.


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Hi @mebeingken - that worked perfectly and makes total sense (in hindsight). For others who may run into the issue, below is screenshot that may help (per Ken’s suggestion, I copied the Choices source to the Default value and added a filter). I did get a message saying that Default Value was a list and should be a single value - adding “first item” after the filter fixed it. Thanks again Ken.


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