How to use dynamic data for colors?


I want understand how to choose any color with my custom condition?
Like here for example

If you’re asking how to set the colour with dynamic data, just click where the hex code is, then click on the Insert Dynamic Data blue button, and put the dynamic expression in as you would anywhere else in Bubble.

If you’re asking something else, then you’ll need to clarify the question…

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See, I have for instance 3 colors: red, blue and green.
When condition is … set’s red, another condition - another color.
Is that possible?

Hey Maks, depending on the element, that’s built directly into the condition editor as an option.

Yes, that’s possible… no need to use dynamic data for that.

Just use regular conditionals.

@adamhholmes and @ziyadelbaz , I try some, but probably I should use some custom states? Or not? Because without them the maximum that I can made with calendar general conditions is to change all event’s color in same time when I select any event with event’s event type “Vacation”

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