How to use fields as RG datasource?

The Career thing has fields as shown: Accounting, Acting, …
I want to use these fields along with their values as data source in repeating group. Based on which user logs in, their specific fields should be shown in the RG. Please help with setting up the datasource.


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Easy method
a) If you are the user:
RG content type careers, source: Do a search for careers; constraint: created by = current user

b) If you are the admin:
Make something that first selects the user, then see all career ratings for that user
You need a repeating group, that has data type user: source: do a search for users
In every cell have a button select. Edit the buttons workflow so if you click it, it selects that user. Do this by creating a new field for users, type user selected.
Then create another repeating group, like in 1). but constraint created by = current users user selected.

Best method
X) Generally however, whenever a user clicks a button to create a career with all the numbers, make sure to immediately add that career to that users list of careers (a new datafield for the user where you check: is a list and that is type career.
Then the source of the repeating group can be current users list of careers. This is better as no search of careers is required like above, which would take much longer.

In the repeating group, to show the numbers accounting, acting administration add text elements which have current cell’s career’s accounting; current cells career’s acting etc.
Note if you only want to show e.g. accounting ranksings you can do same as above with current users list of careers’ accounting . with the content type of the group as number.
Backend set up:

hope this helps
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