Showing repeating group based on list of users

Hi all,

My app is a job board where jobs have a field of type User called “Company” which is the company who posted the job. I have created a list field of type User called “Saved companies” where candidates can save a list of companies. I then want to setup a Repeating Group where candidates can then view all jobs from their “Saved companies”. Can’t work out how to get this working though when defining the RG data source. Has anybody come across this issue before?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


type user, data source = do a search for users.

oh, you worded yourself weird,
so do a search for whatever and find it by using “contained in” whatever list

ig still stuck??

Thanks so much for your advice here. I’ve been playing around and realised I had made a simple error of not setting the privacy settings correctly and the saved companies field was restricted :man_facepalming: I added that and the problem resolved itself.

Thanks again for your help :pray:

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