How to use Math.js in saving data thing workflow

I’m looking for an efficient way to calculate an expression in a workflow saving a data thing.
The value I want to save is the output of a calculation bubble can’t do so Math.js is required:

The Steps are:

  1. API Call → 2. Create new data thing [TABLE 1] → 3. Change data thing [Table 2 - need Y from above] → 4. Create a data thing [Table 3 - need Y gain]

X1 - Get from the API, saved in Table 1
X2 - Data in Table 2
X3 - Data in Table 2

Any suggestions how to do it?

Thank you all

Use the toolbox plugin.

However, is the formula simply y=x1*(x2/x3)… because Bubble can definitely do multiplication and division with no problem.