New Expression composer: Is it not possible to continue calculation after last bracket?

Hi everyone,

I’m doing the following calculation: ( Item A + Item B ) / Item C

The Expression Composer keeps placing brackets like this: ( Item A + (Item B ) ) and I can’t click after the last bracket to continue the Expression? I tried other Expressions and it does not seem to be possible to continue the Expression after the last bracket?

Any tips on how to write ( Item A + Item B ) / Item C in the New Expression Composer?

Thank you!

Use math.js plugin

The new expression builder wraps all expressions within brackets (for some, unhelpful reason… the original experimental parenthesis feature didn’t do this, and it was much easier to understand)

In any case, you just need to click before the last bracket, not after it…

So the final expression will look like this:

(( Item A + (Item B )) / (Item C)

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I don’t think I can unfortunately since it’s in a backend workflow…

Thanks, my problem is that if I click before the final bracket I get the following Expression: ( Item A + (Item B ) / Item C) and I don’t seem to be able to change it…

I solved by just turning of the New Expression Composer, then entering Item A + Item B / Item C. Interestingly if you then turn back on the New Expression Composer then it does show it as (( Item A + (Item B )) / Item C)