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How to use the OpenSea API plugin?

@ezcode and @ezdev, can I ask after I subscribed to OpenSeaAPI plugin, how do I use it?
I can’t see any actions in the Workflow nor any elements in the UI builder…
Do I need to get a X-API-KEY and set up in your plugin’s setting first?

Thank you!

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Hi, thanks for asking,
First of all, you can check the demo page here
You will find there a link to the app editor as well.

The plugin is based on the API, so no UI elements.
Different ways to use it, for example, set a state with data from the API:

The key is not mandatory, but I would recommend to get one anyway. There are more details in the plugin description regarding the API key here

Thank you very much!

I bought OPEN SEA API from you.
But I can’t find " Retrieving collection stats" below

Not supported yet?

Thank you for the feedback, will add it asap.
This API call wasn’t available at the stage of building the plugin.

The opensea API plugin stopped working , any idea why ?

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Hello! In the demo version of the plugin, it gives errors and nothing loads.

Hi everyone, thanks for letting us know, we are currently working on fixing it.