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Struggling with OpenSea API

Hey guys -

New to APIs and I’m struggling to use OpenSea’s. I want to pull collections and assets from OS. The call initializes just fine, and a I get some data in the repeating group, but any time I pull a stat for a collection (like total volume), the number is 0 (which is obviously not true for every single collection).

Here’s what the call looks like…

And here’s what the repeating group looks like…

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I’m new to API calls.

What is the data type and datasource on the repeating group and what is the dynamic expression used in the text element attempting to display the quantity?

RG Data Type and Source


Dynamic Expression

Thanks for taking a look.


What do you get when you initialize the API call in the Raw Data Response? Also, during the initialization is the API data mapped properly? One thing I can think as possible is the Volume returned by the API is actually mapped to text and not number.

Another possibility is the Volume is returned in decimal and perhaps these all have volumes less than 1 but your text element to display is not setup as decimal, so it rounds everything down to 0 that is less than 1.

Another possibility is that the text element has a condition on it that changes it to 0 for some reason.


These are all awesome ideas. Unfortunately, none of them are issues. Checked all three, and they work out.

Does the fact that I don’t have a header (an api key) an issue? I’m new to API calls…so I’m wondering if I got an API key from OpenSea if that would change things. Like maybe I’m using “test” data where the stats are all “0” but if I had an API key, I’d be able to pull real data from the collections.

Is this at all a possibility or am I way off base?

I would think if you didn’t have an API key you wouldn’t even be able to test the API…most api providers will have a ‘free test key’ and then once you have integrated successfully, you pay for a key that is unique to your application.

I’m not familiar with OpenSea API, but I’d venture to guess you are correct, that without the Key they wouldn’t provide all the data.

Hi @jack6, I’m also new to intergrate OpenSea API onto, and I couldn’ even initialize an API call in with’s API’s connector. Is there some way to create an API call with something like “[asset_contract_address]/[token_id]/?account_address=[account_address]” and then pass data inputs from users in my app into these parameters [asset_contract_address], [token_id], [account_address]?

Would this even be possible? I’m so new to all of this that I don’t know anything, please help me! Thank you!

The opensea API plugin stopped working , any idea why ?