How to verify a user's email using Postmark in the Bubble app?

Hey guys,

I have written this step-by-step guide about verifying a user’s email using postmark and backend workflows. Check it out here: Verify a user's email using Postmark in the Bubble app

Let me know whether this was helpful so I can write more articles like this.


Well done. Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:


Looks good. Just wondering why the log / text message?

Maybe provide instructions on setting it up without a plug-in as Postmark is pretty simple to set up with the API and it provides for more customization.

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First of all, thanks for reading this @code-escapee.

The log (text) is just there to determine whether the backend workflow was successful or not. Many people find it hard to check it out on bubble logs. So this was one for convenience only.

Yes, you are absolutely right @code-escapee that API integration is pretty easy.

Here are the reasons why I chose plugin for this article:

I would like to write about Postmark API integration in a separate article in future but It will have certain use cases which can’t be achieved by plugin.

Hope I make sense to you.

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Yeap. Agree with @code-escapee Postman makes it real easy doing it direct.

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And now that I remind myself the customization that would only be available via the API include 1) multiple tags and 2) dynamic variables (makes it much easier to use conditional formatting in Postmark as null doesn’t translate nicely).

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